The Basics of Wearing a Snapback Hat


If you think that wearing a snapback is all about sun protection, we’re here to inform you that you’re sadly mistaken. Snapbacks are all about making a statement. With this ultimate guide on how to wear your snapback hat, you’ll know exactly what type of statement you want to make.

A snapback cap is technically defined as a flat-brimmed, fitted baseball hat that can be adjusted by the small snap buttons on the back. It’s this small ‘snap’ on the back, allowing the hat size to be adjusted to the perfect fit, that gives the snapback hat its name. Snapbacks are generally made in two shapes and can be seen in either a boxy shape or a more fitted style.

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BaseCamp Custom SnapBacks Collection


Our custom BaseCamp hats are just one line of many high quality custom snapbacks we’ve produced. We stitch your custom hats lightning quick using state of the art embroidery machines right here in the USA. No waiting months for your snapbacks to come from overseas with sub-standard embroidery. We take pride in every single hat we make. 

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The Anatomy Of A Snapback

I’ve heard the various parts of a hat being called some pretty random things over the years so here at Custom Snapbacks we’ve decided to put this little infographic together so you can talk the talk like the pros! Our helpful guide will clear up any misunderstanding and will have you on your way to some great custom headwear.

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14 Reasons To Rock Custom Snapbacks

Top 14 Reasons To Rock A Custom Snapback:


14. To Keep Warm. It gets cold out there in the winter and some of those wool hats are pretty lame.  So rock a snapback and you can keep warm and look fly.   Teyana Taylor’s no dummy… she knows a snapback is the perfect way to keep her pretty head warm.


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