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14 Reasons To Rock Custom Snapbacks

13. So The Sun Doesn’t Make You Miss That Catch.  It’s the bottom of the ninth, runners on all bases, the pitch is thrown, crack, here comes the ball… it’s coming straight at you!  Do not let your team down because the sun is shining brightly into your eyes.  Be a hero, not a zero.  Make sure you are wearing your snapback so you can go out and celebrate with your friends after the game… not home to cry with your mom!



12. So Your Friends Will Be Jealous Of Your Gigantic Snapback Collection.  What good is having a bunch of friends if you don’t have something that they are all jealous of?  So please, do us all a favor and stock up on Snapbacks for the summer! If you don’t, no one will know how disposable your income really is.


11. Keep The Rain Out Of Your Face.  There is nothing worse on a rainy day than raindrops messing up your hair and getting in your eyes.  No good has ever come from rain in the face.  It ruins your makeup, makes you look like a sopping wet mess, and forces you to take your hands out of your pockets to constantly wipe your eyes.  Some people might think that the cure for this issue is to use an umbrella, but I say I have better things to do with my hands while I’m walking than holding onto an umbrella.  Plus, then there is the constant battle of what to do with your umbrella once you get to your destination.  Do you close it up and let it get covered in mildew or do you leave in open, soaking the floor and taking up valuable space where people could be walking?  Leave the umbrella for your grandparents… get yourself a snapback and stay dry!


10. Something To Hold While You Pose.  Let’s say you’re walking the red carpet or heading to a party with friends.  Someone pulls out a camera and starts snapping away.  You awkwardly put your hands on your hips because you don’t know what to do.  Everyone looks at you, wondering what on earth you are up to.  Now no one wants to take anymore pictures with you because you ruin photos with your awkwardness.  There is a very simple solution to this issue:  Rock a snapback.  If you use a snapback in your pose you will always have something to hold onto and your hands won’t just be flailing about.  Do yourself and all your Facebook friends a favor:  throw a snapback on before you leave.


9. Show Your Personal Style.  Snapbacks and fashion in general are all about showing the world who you are and where you are coming from.  One simple hat can completely redefine who you are and how you show it off to the world.  Whether you’re a prep, hipster, bohemian, girly, urban, alternative, or completely undefined… show it off with a snapback!


8. So You Have Something To Hold Over Your Heart During The National Anthem.  Who wants to be one of those people who have nothing to do with your hands while you’re at a basketball and that cute little 9 year old girl is singing the National Anthem?  You’re fidgeting uncomfortably and twiddling your fingers all around trying not to look disrespectful.  You love your country but you’re just so excited to see Kobe play that you are having a hard time controlling yourself.  If you had worn a snapback this would not be a problem.  So next time you are getting ready to head out to the big game, think about this very moment and toss on your best snapback! JT knows what’s up.


7. Bad Hair Day.  I’ve had them, you’ve had them, I’m pretty sure everyone has had them (except Jennifer Aniston, I’m fairly certain Jennifer Aniston has never had them).  I’m talking about bad hair days.  You wake up with just minutes to spare before you that big appointment… you brush your teeth, you get dressed, you’re feeling good.  And then—you look in the mirror.  How did this happen today of all days?  That one piece of hair just will not go down no matter what you do and there is no time for a rewash… what do you do?  Simple!  Throw on a snapback!  Hey, we can’t all be Jennifer Aniston… some of us are just bound to have our Snooki days.


6. In Case You Get Slimed.  What happens when you end up on the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and you forget your snapback?   You will inevitably get slimed!   KCA veteran Will Smith knows a thing or two about keeping the slime off his face… it’s just too bad Justin Bieber didn’t get the memo!  Maybe next year he will remember to get himself a custom snapback!  Smith- 1, Bieber- 0.


5. Sun Protection.  Everyone remembers to lather up the sunscreen on their faces when they hit the beach, but few think about effects the sun has on the scalp.  Skin cancer is very serious and it is becoming more and more important to cover up… I mean unless you’re standing on your hands, your scalp gets more exposure to the sun than any other body part.  So when you’re heading out for some fun in the sun, don’t forget to slather some sunscreen on your scalp and top it off with snapback a la Rihanna.


4. You Need Something To Match Your Shoes.  Imagine you are all ready for a night on the town.  You have the perfect shoes, the perfect shirt, the perfect belt… but there is still something missing!  You just need something to tie the whole look together.  What are you going to do?  Take it from one of the biggest style icons of the year, Miss Nicki Minaj… there is only one more thing you need:  a custom snapback!


3. Add A Few Inches.  What is one thing Beyonce Knowles is known for?  Being married to Jay Z?  Yes… but, no.  Being the lead singer of Destiny’s Child?  Nope.  Being Mommy to Blue Ivy Carter?  Wrong again.  Being an actress, singer, designer, model, business woman?  Sorrrrryyyyy.  She is known for wearing some of the sickest, most sky high heels made and dancing her butt off (Not literally, thank God)!  It’s rare these days not to catch her in her red soled Louboutin’s or ever-popular Balenciaga stunners.  And hubby Jay Z’s no fool—he knows she looks fierce and would never dream of asking her to trade her pumps for flats or flip-flops.  So what does he do when he needs to add an inch or two and keep up with his stunning wife?  He throws on a snapback and pops it up just a couple of inches!  This way, they can both look good!


2. Go Incognito.  Do you ever have the urge to run down to 7-11 and grab a Slurpee but don’t want to risk being spotted by paparazzi?  It happens to me all the time.  So what do I do?  Tuck myself back under my covers and keep blogging, that’s what.  BUT, if I were smart like Big Sean, I would throw on a pair of shades and my favorite custom snapback and head out for my Coca-Cola/Pina Colada fix (layered; you should try it—it’s amazing).  Big Sean is not going to let the fear of having his picture taken keep him from doing what he needs to do.  Now get yourself a snapback and get out there!!


1. To Represent.  Were you a Dallas Mavericks fan BEFORE they won a Championship?  Did you know who they were before Khloe and Lamar’s brief stint in Texas?  Well then REPRESENT!  Show the world your love for Dirk and let it be known that you’ve been loving Jason Kidd since the FIRST time he was Mav… since before Mark Cuban was a “Shark”.  Get yourself a snapback, man.


Head honcho at CustomSnapbacks.com.